Crafting an introduction to an unknown reader is a daunting thing. There’s plenty of white space here and 33 years of life lived thus far. So let’s see…

My name is Viktorija. If you roll the r and ignore the j, you’ve said it right. The explanation for that unusual spelling is that I’m Lithuanian, almost the full one hundred percent (there’s a dab of Russian in the mix, but that doesn’t get mentioned too often).

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I’m married to my best friend, Drew. We’ve been been together for 14 years (married for 10) and our relationship still astonishes me. He completes me in a way I only ever dreamed of. We have two little boys.

Lukas (LOO-kuss), 2.5, is our thoughtful, creative dreamer.


Aliksas (AH-lick-suss), at 14 months, is a spirited, determined warrior.


And sometimes our house feels an awful lot like a 3rd child. Drew and I closed on our fixer upper last year and every minute not spent sleeping or hanging out with the kiddos, we’re pouring sweat and money into our greige colonel.


We’ve carved out a sweet life in Durham, NC. It’s taken me about a decade—and jaunts to various corners of the United States—to realize that the east coast (and specifically North Carolina) is my jam. I’m in love. Travel west from Durham and you’ll hit the Blue Ridge Mountains and my hometown of Asheville. Make a quick 180 and speed due east for roughly five hours and you’ll find yourself strolling along the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. This state is a hodgepodge of beauty and I love it.

In a weird twist of humor (oh yes, God DOES laugh), we bought a house directly across the street from my sister and down the road from my parents. It’s an unusual situation. My village is noisy and close (sometimes too close), but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Our life is a trail mix of sweet & salty chaos and I am forever reminding myself to slow down and enjoy every bite.

Traveling, reading, knitting, mountains (particularly of the Appalachian variety), renovating, gardening, and snapping the occasional photo are my jam. Friends, family, and my Catholic faith make my world go ‘round.

And writing…it’s how I make sense of life.


All photos on this page were taken by Walking Dot Photography.