vic + lindsey + jacob | durham, nc

i started taking care of jacob for a few days/week just after he turned three months old. he's two in a few weeks and yiiiiikes, where HAVE the past two years run away to? i can't believe the tiny guy i first met has turned into this chatty, oh-so-smart explorer who's boldly taking on the world, one driveway at a time.   


the best way to get big, genuine smiles from this kiddo is to snap pictures when he's hanging out with his mom and dad. i love this b&w set.


...serious to the biggest grin in a matter of seconds.


he has the bluest eyes, this boy.


this kiddo has a keen eye for trucks of all sizes & shapes. one day i was sitting at a red light, focusing on the traffic in front of me, when i heard him excitedly holler, "school bus!" my eyes scanned the surrounding area.

nope, nothing.

then there, out of the corner of my eye and wayyy into the distance, i saw a block of yellow. yep, darn it, he was right. there WAS a school bus. 


we wrapped it up at DPAC (durham performing arts center). they've got the loveliest lawn: wide, sweeping, and a perfect lush green. except...this shoot happened at the end of the october. after a week of fiercely cold (for durham) weather.


so instead of green, we got crisp, harvest-y golden grass. but hey, it fits in perfectly with the season.


kudos, lindsey + vic, for making such an awesome little boy. thanks for letting me photograph your beautiful little family!