hi, washer + dryer!

i offically have a washer and a dryer again. and i couldn't be more excited.

16-year-old me would've scoffed at such nonsense. "getting excited about a wash machine? puh-leeeease." but 28-year-old me...oh man, it's like Christmas came early. funny how time changes what we're grateful for. instead of lugging baskets around (i dreaded all the lugging. turns out clothes are HEAVY), shelling out $1.50 per load (this adds up folks), and usually folding only one clean load before work (which meant the other load sat in the dryer til the following wednesday), i stayed home. i toted clothes a mere ten feet from bedroom to laundry room (i could have thrown them if i wanted--that's how close everything was). 

it. was. bliss.

today i'm so grateful for the little things, like having my own washer and dryer again. because it turns out, that's not such a little thing.