a day in the life

7:55AM my alarm goes off. i swipe the screen, roll over, and go back to sleep. that's what second alarms are for. take that, first alarm!

8:25AM the music is playing and it's REALLY time to get up. i reach for my phone and open Instagram. i spend a few minutes scrolling through photographic snippets of other people's lives while i slowly wake up. 

9:00AM i empty suitcases and start sorting laundry. yikes, we have a LOT of dirty clothes. it's been two weeks since i last washed clothes (kudos to travels and being sick). since i've only got a dryer right now (see our lightning-hits-apartment-roof story HERE), i'm loading up the clothes and driving them to our complex's laundry room. ugh. i never appreciated how nice it is to have a washer AND a dryer. 

9:30AM wednesdays usually go like this: get out of bed --> sort laundry --> deposit laundry in wash machine --> work out at gym. but a friend calls while i'm tossing darks into one basket and whites into another and i decide to push my workout to later in the day. we chat for thirty minutes.

10:00AM the laundry is finally churning in two washing machines and i'm feeling very much like a spinning top. i tend to clean in a slightly manic, rushed sort of way. i feel like there's a method to my madness, but maybe it's all in my head. one minute i'm emptying the fridge of anything expired, stinky, or moldy, the next i've decided to corral the massive amount of recyclables we've accumulated and lug them out. since we're moving back to our old apartment this weekend, i'm not actually cleaning the current apartment. why bother? we move out in t-minus three days (and a cleaning crew will arrive to prep the place for new residents). 

12:00PM i've lugged home two baskets overflowing with sweet, wet clothes. the first load is spinning merrily in the dryer, so i walk over to the old apartment to start deep cleaning the bathrooms. after four months away, they're dusty, dirty, and yes, there are a few surprise visitors lurking in the corners. to my horror, i find a large, many-legged creature skittering in the bathtub. he promptly gets flushed down the drain. two chores to go + it's workout time.

1:00PM the floors are mopped; tubs, toilets, and sinks scrubbed; and i've (hopefully) gotten rid of all the insects (*shudder*). i decide to re-organize the bookcase next. yeahhh, i have a strange propensity to tackle the least important chores first (another way of saying this is that i get distracted easily). i remember all those times as a kid when i'd be dusting a bookcase or putting away toys, only to discover a favorite book or forgotten toy. i'd plop down and take five--or ten. and my mom would always call me out. i guess this is me rebelling.  

i pull off books, dust shelves, and decide some of the excess clutter needs to go. no more clutter. when i'm done, the shelves look a.m.a.z.i.n.g. no, seriously, they do! if i can crank out this last (and more important chore) in a timely fashion, i've still got time for my workout.

1:45PM i finally get to the chore that was supposed to be on the top of my to-do list: staining the mission-style chair hubby and i rescued from the side of the road this past summer. an empty apartment is the perfect place for this project, since the fumes won't upset anyone except the stray insects i missed. i've got three days to stain the chair and apply a few coats of varnish.

2:45PM staining always takes so much longer than i anticipate (again, the problems with tackling the minor chores first). i'm teaching my first student at 4. asta lavista, workout. i race home, run the vacuum (just because i didn't clean doesn't mean i can't vacuum), and fold the first load of clothes. i jump in & out of the shower, fix the easiest lunch in the world (cheese on toast w/a side of pickles), and i'm off to the studio.

4-7:30PM one of my students is out sick, so i've got seven lessons to teach today. the evening is spent adjusting fingers, running pieces, and tapping my foot as i help a few violin students get the beat. 

7:45PM just for the record, you will usually NOT find me at the grocery store this late. not only am i sleepy, but i haven't had dinner yet so everything looks delicious (always a problem when shopping on an empty stomach). hubby meets me there (we like to grocery shop together--we're corny!) and i throw in enough items to get us to the end of the week. 

8:30PM home sweet apartment! the kitties are overjoyed to see us. it's a eat-in-front-of-the-TV kinda night. we watch the latest episode of New Girl and hang out together.

11:30PM we fall asleep on the couch to an episode of The Mindy Project. ouch. lights out. g'nite!

 +inspiration for this post came from where my heart resides.