'twas a tuesday in december

my husband started hinting about a month early. "all i want for Christmas is a PS4," he'd say offhandedly. 

"but i never get you anniversary presents," i'd retort. 

"oh well," he'd sigh.

or he'd notice me nearby and loudly tell a friend that his wife was the best; she was getting him a PS4 as his anniversary gift. 

l'sigh. the guy is nothing but persistent. the funny thing was, i knew he didn't REALLY expect a PS4 for our anniversary. anyone who knows anything about electronics knows this item is no thrifty gift; those bad boys are p.r.i.c.e.y. but then, you have to know two things about this hubby o'mine:

1. it's a rare day that he actually wants/requests something. when his birthday or Christmas roll around, i'm the one who tells family what to get him. he never whips out a list, doesn't beg or hint (very often), and if he DOES want something, it's not pricey. 

2. he's never received a new gaming system. his xBox was bought used for him by his brothers as a wedding/Christmas gift. 

so i decided, this would be the year. for our fifth anniversary (and Christmas--this was too pricey a gift to not spread over a few occasions!), he would receive his PS4. but little did i know about buying gaming systems...around Christmas...when the thing's only been out for one month. and so i present to you the poem that accompanied Drew's anniversary gift:


'twas a tuesday in December

and all through the space,

yelling was heard all over the place.

i was desperate, for reals, to make Drew's gift happen,

but alas, it just wasn't a' happenin'.


"maybe later?" i questioned my brother, another male.

"when Christmas is over, surely that's not an epic fail?"  

"no no," he replied, "that stinks, can't you see?"

"alas," i responded, "i can't find it to put under the tree!"    


so i with my mug and Trix (who's a cat),

had decided to settle. after all, that was that.

when ho! on the desk!

there arose such a clatter.

i sprang over to see what was the matter.


"it's here!" Mom's voice shrilled. "Do I get it? what say you?"

i breathlessly asked, "is it black? Is it new?"

"yes yes," she retorted, "you've got it just right."

"then by all means," i replied, "grab the thing & let's call it a night."


and just at that moment, a peace settled in.

"KALABUNGA!" i shouted, "we've snagged him a win!"

"this gift he's been hinting at all this past month,



i sprang through my home like a bird just let loose,

the cats must have thought i was a real silly goose.

but happy was i and this was my night.

"happy anniversary!" i bellowed, with all of my might. 


*hubs received this poem on the 13th. on the 21st, he walked into my parents' house only to realize that my brother & dad had united to create a treasure hunt (hunts are big in my family). my brother was generous--only four clues later, Drew was joyfully united with his beloved gaming system and together, the two shall be very happy. :D