i visit my sister in Chicago!

last weekend, i flew to Chicago. in one year, my sister went from small town --> to big city --> to another big city. just as i had gotten used to the historic whimsy that is Boston, she was on the road, traveling 900+ miles west to the windy city. this girl has some serious guts when it comes to moving and the unknown!

i have to admit that i missed silly things about Boston, like flying into Logan (as far as airports go, that's a nice one). i also missed the old buildings; the greenery that was behind every building; and the salty tang of the ocean, drifting in from the harbor.  

and then...hello, Little Italy. my sister moved into probably the cutest, most adorable little neighborhood i've ever seen. is your corner of the city guarded by two oversized chess pieces? do you live in the cozy attic of a dwarf house (I kept expecting Snow White to pop in for tea)?  i thought not. Chicago herself was a kaleidoscope of colorful sights and sounds that I enjoyed exploring.

we had the best weekend. non-stop talking (a given). late morning big breakfasts (the sort with bacon, eggs, and piping hot cappuccino). shopping (i HATE shopping alone: sisters are the cure for this). photo shoots (another given when two photographers get together). several delicious bottles of wine (and why not?). 

it was a great weekend. and i get to go back in October!!

***check out my sister's version of our weekend in her blog post (yes, the photos will seem familiar--we were, after all, together!)!