bon appetit

for the past four years, my life has been snugly intertwined with academia. not because i've been in school: hubs has earned two degrees in four years and this past summer, he traded dolling out money (read: taking out student loans) for the sweet reward of earning money. his schedule isn't bad--a 4-day work week is an amazing concept. but this means he's up at 6, home around 6ish, and (especially in the early weeks of his new job) snoozing on the couch by 10. so our dinners have been easy peasy. i don't want to make intricate meals when it's hot out (does anyone?), so we've enjoyed lots of salads and sandwiches.

on this particular night, the pork chops had to be made. i'm great at pulling something frozen out in the morning and deciding not to make it when i get home from work. so the meat sits in the fridge for a day or two until we absolutely MUST eat it.

we hadn't had a fancy pants dinner in ages, so i panfried the chops, tossed some tomatoes, peaches, & basil in this amazing balsamic sauce (also great as a marinade), and threw pasta in to boil. drew had picked our poor basil plant bare and was making homemade pesto.

thirty minutes later, TADA.

dinner was served. and don't forget the cocktail: apple juice, a splash of rum, and a wedge of lemon (weird, yes--I ALWAYS associate apple juice w/little kids--but surprisingly tasty).