foodie thursday

everything around me is screaming FALL. friends are posting pictures of their pumpkin spice lattes; i spy golden yellow and creamy brown leaves out my window; and best of all (for those of us living in Durham-thinks-it’s-in-FL-not-NC), the weather was a cool 55 degrees this morning. TIME TO UNPACK MY SCARVES!

when the temperature drops, i suddenly want to be in the kitchen. working out doesn't seem quite as important (after all, it's 'bye til until next summer, bikinis!) and eating lots of warm, heavy food does. beer bread is out of this world. i discovered this particular bread a few years ago and lemme tell ya, it’s a working girl’s best friend. i like the idea of making bread from scratch, but i don’t usually have the hours needed for bread to rise, get punched down, then rise again. thanks to the beer, there's no rising time required.

for amazing grilled cheese sammies made w/beer bread, check this recipe out.

i've been flipping past this one soup recipe for years. and stopping. and staring at the page, my mouth watering. but i've never made it (crazy, yes). this, folks is THE year for cheddar ale soup 

this recipe for pumpkin nutella swirl muffins appeared in my news feed today. uhhh, YES. and this one i pinned earlier this year. now that it's finally getting cold, i say bring on the quinoa & sweet potato chili!