my valentine

we're not huge valentine's day people, my guy and i, but this year, we were gonna go all out.

inspired by a scene from julie and julia, we had invited friends over for a julia childs inspired dinner party, paper hearts and all. we would dress to the nines and drew would serve us duck (a de-boned duck, at that!). and then...the snowpocalypse hit. i had two days off work--life was grand! but drew went in at 7AM wednesday morning and didn't emerge until thursday night. there was little food to be had at the hospital, so the poor guy was hungry + tired, and not ready to spend his first day off shopping, prepping, and cooking. our friends were amenable to moving the posh valentine's day dinner to another weekend and three seconds later, our friday night went from ritzy to simple; from panty hose, heels, and the company of friends, to a pot of cheesy fondue in front of the television (people, house of cards is back on!). 

and that's ok.

there isn't a moment in the past five that i haven't been blessed by my husband. he's my best friend; my other half; the person who knows me better than i know myself. he's the guy who ducks out ten minutes before i leave for work and scrapes the ice off my windshield. he popped cinnamon buns in the oven so they'd be out and piping hot a few minutes before i walked out the door. i can ask for a hug any time of day and he's there, no questions asked, long arms wrapped tightly around me. he complements me all the time. whenever i cry that my tummy is chubby or a pimple just appeared from nowhere, he responds with a sweet complement. the other night, he even volunteered to wake up at the crack of dawn, on his day off, drive me to work if was too snowy/icy out. that right there is true love. i hate getting up early; hate hate it. 

so to the guy who so cheerfully volunteered to get up with're a hero. and i love you, so so much. happy valentine's day. <3