i present: a list

things to do when you're in a foul/depressed/grouchy mood (which i'm finding myself in today):

1. indulge in a chocolate chip cookie. or two. heck, eat the entire bowl of dough and forget about baking them. this image popped up on my instagram feed today and i almost ran out the door to buy brown sugar, butter, & chocolate chips.

2. tell someone asap. that person will then do her best to cheer you up, which means you'll be inundated with pictures of (very expensive) sandals, surprised kittens, and fat cheeked babies

3. check something off The List. for months (embarrassing, i know), i've been thinking about contacting a few local magazines to inquire about freelance opportunities. one of the things weighing me down today is the lack of variety on the horizon. my life isn't quite where i'd pictured it being and some days, i have a tricky time letting go of the things i absolutely cannot change. so sending a few emails helped me grab on to the things i CAN do something about.  

4. help someone else out. the little dude i'm watching got something in his eye earlier and it freaked him out. he came running and was attempting to use my hand to brush the offending eye. i illustrated blinking quickly (while chanting "blinkblinkblink") to send the tiny smudge of dirt flying and thirty seconds later, he was laughing and chanting, "blinkblinkblink" himself.

5. soak up the small stuff. for me, it was my steaming mug of lemon tea; wearing a turquoise scarf gained from last weekend's clothing swap; a well written children's story; and remembering that because i hauled butt out of bed an hour earlier than usual means i get to leave work an hour sooner (hurray!). 

6. call a girlfriend. pick your poison and set a date for a coffeehouse or wine bar. there's nothing better than an evening of conversation to chase the blues away.