here comes the sun

more often than not, my sister and i zoom along on wave lengths so similar, it scares the socks right off of me (if i was wearing any, that is). today, i spent a few hours outside. first, the red roadster was pulled out of its place in the closet and the little man and i took a long walk to the park. we followed this up with a blanket in the backyard, where he entertained himself by running a check of the perimeter fencing; sitting on my back; and posing for a string of selfies. it was glorious. he and i soaked up that vitamin D like the pale cheeked / crock pot fed / sweater wearing / hibernating folk we had become. and so i was all ready to come inside and gush about the wonderfulness that has been Durham weather these past few days.

enter, my sister. and her post about summertime dreaming.

if you want to write a post about your splendidly wonderful weather, you can't read someone else's post first; you'll end up copying it, in some way, shape, or form, no matter how hard you try not to. so i didn' first. and when i did, i realized we weren't ex-actly on the same wave length: she was exclaiming over weather TO COME; i'm brimming over about the weather that IS. but when i sneakily read her post halfway through writing mine--and i noticed her list--i simply had to have one of my own (think of it as copying, in one shape, way, or form ;).

+ i have a pool and a grill. that's summer right there folks. i plan on spending many afternoons poolside with my book, my guy, + lots of sunscreen!

+ hurrah for 4-day weekends! drew has one of these almost every month (the perk of 4-day work weeks) and our plan is to get away for a few of them. the first one's only two weeks away and we haven't finalized a destination yet. suggestions?

+ not only are we flying to Ft. Myers in April, but it's the weekend of my birthday and we're visiting one of my very best friends!!! i can't imagine a better way to celebrate!

+ a possible trip out to Chicago for my sister's bridal shower; zipping over to Asheville for a baptism (where i become a Godmother!); throwing a bridal shower in June; a vacation in the Outer Banks; a week-long wedding extravaganza in August; and moving out of our apartment into (hopefully) a HOUSE and a completely different part of town at the end of the summer...hurray to a crazy, action-packed summer!