ten hours

we had a road trip to tennessee coming up and i couldn't wait. it was like getting a birthday present early. ten whole hours, broken into several chunks of time, to just sit in the car and talk about everything and anything we wanted.

some days it's 7 or 8PM before drew and i are in the same place at the same time. it had gotten so bad that i had an email drafted with a list of all the things i needed to talk to him about. as acres of pine trees flew by, we talked. and be "we," i mean i carried about 60% of the conversation. but that's just how it goes with us.  

future road trips; Lenten resolutions; budget tweaking; tire valve caps; upcoming dinner dates with friends; it was a colorful kaleidoscope of topics. and it was awesome.

sometimes you just need ten hours in the car together. period. 

a snow storm followed us most of the way home. durham has had some craaaazy weather lately. i thoroughly enjoyed the two snow days we had, but seriously...spring, where are you?