it's been a while...nice to see you again!

hi blog! 

...and a cheery hello to you, reader. 

i'm so sorry for the long period of quiet. looking back, it actually hasn't been as long as i'd thought--only a little over a month--but it seems like forever.

when i stop doing something, it's always hard to get back to it. then a week goes by, and i convince myself it's okay. what's another week, in the scheme of things?

then two weeks slip into oblivion.

i pretend not to notice.

there are so many bloggers out there. and lots of them are photographers. so why another blog? why more words and pictures to add to the crazy, jumbled mix that is the wide open internet?

the thing is, i actually like to write. it's always been my way of sorting things out. i enjoy the challenge of crafting a sentence that might make you pause, go back, and read it a second time--out loud--just to hear the way the words flow out, filling empty space. and this blog is my creative place. it's where i spill the beans about an awesome book that you just have to read; where i put up photos i've taken; where i share my corner of the world. to just stop, unexpectedly and for no good reason at was making me sad.

so my goal is two posts a week. sounds easy peasy, right? it probably won't be, so i'm putting it out there because it makes me feel more accountable. keep me to it, okay?  

 a peanut butter waffle, enjoyed at three o'clock. because really, why not?