we're moving!

people, in eight short weeks, hubby and i are moving into a HOUSE!

before you get too excited, we're not buying; it's just a rental. but c'mon, let's be honest...to me, there really is no "just" (i inserted that word for your sake). let me repeat: we're moving into a HOUSE! as in, no one stomping above us; no cars in a massive parking lot right outside my living room window; no obnoxious complex with their crazy we-own-a-billion-of-these-complexes-so-we-must-have-fifty-million rules.

i'm out-of-my-skin excited about this newest development. 

for the past 2.5 years, we've lived in an apartment complex. it was a rather nice place to live in for the first year or so (i was sold because of the gym, only a two-minute walk from my front door, and the pool). but then the company that owned the complex was bought out and the new company is awful (like really really awful) and blah blah blah.

our house won't be that much much bigger than our apartment. it's a small place--two bed/two bath. but the positives...there are so many. it's close to downtown. we can walk to restaurants and grocery stores. the kitchen is huge. the floors are either wood or linoleum; not a shred of carpeting anywhere. not only is there a backyard with towering old trees, but it's quite spacious. the house comes with outdoor furniture and a gas grill--hurrah! it's an older house (my jam) and in the sweetest neighborhood, chock full of whimsical cottages, overhanging oaks, and friendly dog walkers. we'll be close to downtown Durham and hubby can ride his bike to work. 

pretty close to perfect, if you ask me.