have you met bloglovin'?

i might be sitting in the airport, my gray carry-on perched uncomfortably between my knees.

...at a doctor's appointment, waiting for a nurse to hesitantly blurt out "victoria," while wondering to herself if she should have actually said "vik-tor-i-jah." 

...snuggled in bed, covers pulled up to my chin, sparing a few minutes before i switch off the bedside light.

my sister recommended bloglovin' to me a few years ago. five minutes after i typed in the URL, wham. i was gleefully filling up my account with all the blogs i wanted to follow. if you've never heard of it, bloglovin' is only the sweetest website ever--a virtual space in which to organize all the blogs you follow and have the latest posts at your fingertips. when i discovered the bloglovin' app, life only got sweeter. all my blogs...all those new posts...on my phone (which we know goes with me everywhere.

mind blown. 

so whenever i've got a few minutes to kill, i spend them reading.

if you're new to the whole bloglovin' jam, i've included some of my blog favorites below for you to check out. happy reading!

Young House Love -- this couple (as well as their 4-year-old, brand new baby, + Burger the Chihuahua) takes DIY to every corner of their house, sharing concise details/instructions along the way.

Channing Johnson Photography -- i'd consider driving up to Massachusetts for a shoot with this guy. his work is stellar: an honest, heart rending portrayal of the ordinary moments that make up life. 

Camilla Leila -- this blog is the creative outlet of a a girl in her late 20 something's. the writing is poignant, the struggles relate-able and, special perk, her photograph of the Bay area is gorgeous. 

Where My Heart Resides -- ashley's posts are full of humorous mommy anecdotes, beautiful photos, and intimate, faith-filled glimpses of her life as a wife / mom / writer / photographer.

Velvet Owl Photography -- if only i lived in Oregon! I'd hire this lady in a heartbeat. Her photos are stunning.