i love the way the morning light spills through the window and over the pine floors.

i love the soft hush that pervades all seven rooms. 

i love how excited hubby is about reviving the grass in the backyard; making it an enticing space to spend time in.

i love how the master bath reminds me of a tree house. every morning, i'm greeted by soft green walls and a row of windows that overlook the leafy backyard.

i love the buttery yellow sheen of our floors; how no two planks of wood are alike.

i love our small patch of a front yard. it would take all of five minutes to mow, but it's green and all ours. i'm envisioning a small garden for the veggies along the left-hand side and a curvy flower bed in front of the bushes.

i love hearing faint creaks as the kitties pad across the floors.

this new house of ours is absolutely splendid.