i hate roller coasters.

the past few months have been a bit of a roller coaster ride. maybe that's the wrong word; i absolutely hate roller coasters. for me, that feeling of falling in space (you know, where your stomach seems to plummet straight down to your toes in a weird, this-isn't-scientifically-possible sort of way) is the stuff of nightmares. and these past three months haven't been a nightmare -- they've been a crazy jumble of goodness and heartache, with a splash of chaos thrown in (for good measure? i don't know.).  

goodness: we moved into a HOUSE! my sister got MARRIED! and i quit my job (well, one of my three jobs).  I'm the sort of person who thrives on job-related change (read: i like variety). rewind to the beginning of the summer, when i found myself eagerly looking forward to living in a quirky yellow house that i absolutely adored -- i didn't really want to spend 24+ hours a week somewhere else when my future residence was going to be so darn COOL. I also was finally going to have room for a piano studio (hurray!), so sometime mid-summer, i made the decision to give notice at my nannying job and go back to teaching private violin + piano lessons. 

heartache: my husband and i are officially at the 2-year mark of trying to make a baby -- and failing miserably. it's not something that either one of us has openly shared about until about six months ago. so that, coupled with a few months of a hormone altering drug named Clomid and the stark realization of who-knows-if-we'll-ever-get-pregnant, has made for a somewhat crappy summer. 

the splash of chaos: hubby and I packed up the apartment, moved into a house, and unpacked. a few weeks later, there was a week of wedding festivities in Old Fort. crazy fun chaos, to be sure, but it was also a lot of setting up, flower arranging, breaking down, packing up, that sort of thing.

so it's been a big summer. throughout all of it, I've been wanting to write, particularly about my struggles with infertility. but I didn't know where that could go. this blog has been a primarily photography/only slightly personal space for so long and i had finally gotten to the point where i wanted more from it; i wanted to share more but wasn't sure if this was the right space. and so...i spent most of the summer not sharing anything. 

starting today, my blog is becoming more personal, more me. my hope is that some part of it -- some part of me -- will resonate with you. i'll still throw photography-related posts your way (because c'mon, photography is awesome! and i've got more shoots coming up!). but i want to include other stuff: my struggle with infertility; DIY goodness (furniture, living spaces, my front yard, you name it); book recommendations; travel posts; basically what's going on in my corner of the world. 

i promise, i won't blog endlessly about any one thing. that's not really who i am (remember when I said I liked variety?). but i will be more personal. 

so here's to all of it: the good, the bad, and the fugly.