i present to you: a staycation

I remember not setting my alarm for a few days. this in itself is a rarity. I ALWAYS set my alarm. by mid-week, old habits (and the fact that we were sleeping in later and later) led me back to the alarm -- just so we wouldn't sleep in until noon! a few weeks ago, Drew and i had a staycation. it. was. awesome. if you've never taken a week off to stay at home, i'm giving it a thumbs up. I'm now a firm believer that everyone should take a yearly, week-long staycation. 

we slept in every morning. one morning, Drew and i whipped up a huge breakfast of eggs + bacon. another morning, we walked to our local coffee shop (i'm still psyched beyond belief that i can actually walk--or run, bike, heck, army crawl--to a neighborhood coffee shop). and then there was the time we biked to Monuts for bagels and donuts. 

we spent a lot of time outside, raking, trimming, scavenging for bricks (is it just me or do all houses come with buried bricks in the backyard?), and landscaping our front yard. yard work might not be your cup of tea--and that's fine. find some sort of physical labor that is and devote a least a couple of hours of your staycation to it. it's amazing how great + productive physical work makes you feel -- and how much you hurt the next morning. ;) 

we watched movies. walked to our neighborhood food truck rally. threw a housewarming party. went to a concert with friends. 

initially, i was worried i'd spend the entire week just working. you know, feeling compelled to tackle the myriad of stuff that piles up when i'm not paying attention. but surprisingly, that didn't happen. that week was was exactly what Drew and i needed--time alone together, doing the things we love.