curve balls

just when I thought life was boring...

for my birthday, Drew bought me a compass for my charm bracelet. the bugger is gigantic--gorgeous, yet so big that I was constantly banging it (purely by accident) on table tops and into walls. this couldn't go on. i decided to hang it from a sweet leather strap I have and wear it as a necklace. it is my reminder that life with Drew (heck, life in general) may be crazy and it may be unpredictable and at times, I might not like the direction I'm going. at all. but at other times, life is sweet, blissfully so. days when the sun shines brightly, I laugh loudly, and everything seems to go just so. the compass also reminds me that I'm not alone. this relationship is a threesome in the very best possible way: me, Drew, and God.

lightening struck our apartment building a week ago (on a Friday night, go figure). our first floor apartment suffered absolutely no damage, other than our internet being knocked out. the electricity was turned on by 9PM and we slept in our own bed (instead of the guest bedroom that was offered to us by our very gracious friends). but then today rolled around...

the roof of our building has to be replaced and we have to move out within the next two weeks. and stay moved out for up to two months. drew is in the throes of his new job (read: sitting through hours of orientation, lecture-style) and wasn't immediately reached for this bad news. so I've been absorbing it alone, chewing it over in my mouth, uncertain whether this is the adventure I wished for (a good thing) or a complete disaster (bad thing).

time will tell?